Hi, welcome to my website. I’m a UK based cyclist living in Bristol; I compete in long-distance, self-supported races across countries and continents.


I grew up in South West England and was always exploring the outdoors; mountain biking, hiking or whatever felt like an adventure. Ten years ago I took my first step into bicycle touring; setting off west across the US with a romantic ideal and I was hooked. From then on I spent as much time as possible travelling on my bicycle, fast-touring in some remote and incredible places. This took me all over the world from Northern Africa, Europe and the Americas. This culminated in 2016, spending 5 and a half months cycling solo Pan America, from Northern Canada to the southernmost tip of Argentina, an adventure that would cover 15,000 miles.


A few years ago I switched my focus to long-distance racing and am motivated by the competition, discovering my limits and potential and of course the adventure. Throughout 2019 I have competed in some amazing races and picked up some decent results, including a 2nd place at the Transcontinental Race and 3rd place at the Race Through Poland, in some horrendous conditions.


This website is a little bit about me and an opportunity to write about my races and adventures and share my experiences. Thanks for visiting and feel free to get in contact on my details below or through social media.

From April 2020 I will be cycling Cairo to Cape Town - click here for tracking and more info.


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